When You Need a Hardship License aka Cinderella License

A Massachusetts Hardship License, also known as a Cinderella License, is a 12-hour license granted to individuals who meet certain criteria. Eligibility for a hardship license depends on several factors, including the circumstances under which you got your suspension, and the length of your suspension. The DeGiacomo & Mikhlin, P.C., can help you get a hardship license as quickly, and as efficiently, as possible.

24D Disposition and a hardship license?

For a First Offense OUI with a 24D disposition (sometimes just simply known as probation), a hardship license is available upon enrollment into the DUI Alcohol Education Program. Working with the DeGiacomo & Mikhlin, P.C., will help you to get this temporary solution within a few days of enrollment into the DUI Alcohol Education Program.

What if you don’t have a 24D disposition?

If you do not receive a 24D disposition, and have been convicted of driving under the influence of any substance, you will not be able to receive a hardship license until after 90 days have passed.

If your license is suspended for two years for a Second Offense DUI, you will only be eligible for a temporary license after you’ve completed one year of that suspension. During that year, you will also have to complete the 14-day in-patient program along with the prescribed aftercare. You must submit proof of this completion to the courts, or your request for a temporary license will not be granted. If your license is suspended for eight years following a Third Offense DUI, you must complete two years of the suspension before you will be eligible for a temporary license. On a 10-year license suspension following a Fourth Offense DUI, a term of 5 years must be completed before you will be eligible for a temporary license. In either case, you must provide proof of completion of the in-patient program and compliance with the after-care treatment.

Sometimes, too, your license can be suspended without you being convicted of a DUI-related offense: if your license has been suspended as a Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO), you also may be eligible to get a temporary license to help you out. However, the process for obtaining a such a license under these circumstances is different than the process of obtaining a temporary license after you’ve been convicted of a DUI-related offense. If this has happened to you, the DeGiacomo & Mikhlin, P.C., can help you as well.

Regardless of the circumstances, you must provide documented proof – via a letter from your employer or your school – demonstrating your need for a temporary license to alleviate your hardship.

We understand that the process of getting a temporary license can be a difficult, long-winded one, and you shouldn’t go through it alone. For more information on how James G. DeGiacomo, can help you obtain your Massachusetts hardship license, contact us today.