3 Biggest Massachusetts Crime Arrests in the Past Year

While Massachusetts attempts to stay safe from crime, criminals remain active in all places. Keeping crimes to a minimum exists as a more realistic target than outlawing crime altogether. With that in mind, there were plenty of major crimes committed in the last year in Massachusetts. However much trouble Massachusetts authorities went through to stop these crimes from happening, often the crimes happen before anything can be done.

In those cases, the most important factor left is ensuring that those responsible for the crimes are put away for what they did. While the ideal goal remains to see no crime at all, unfortunately, crime will always be around. The next best thing is to stop the crimes from going any further once they already happened. This process includes arresting criminals for their actions.

In Massachusetts, police work tirelessly to arrest criminals to make certain further crimes do not happen. To do this, police arrest the criminals responsible, often in significant ways.

Biggest Massachusetts Crime Arrests in the Past Year

December 15, 2016

One of the biggest Massachusetts arrests in the past year came on December 15, 2016. This arrest covered drug crimes. The arrests were related to drug operations and included a large party of people involved in the drug world. The drug crimes carried major meaning in the criminal world, as the Boston police worked for over a year to stop the chain of events from transpiring.

The drugs involved in the picture, heroin, and fentanyl, spread across Massachusetts thanks to the criminal parties. Additionally, those same parties included themselves in burglaries, shootings, and further crimes. The operation resulted in the arrests of more than 40 people playing various parts in the crimes, making it a giant win for the Boston police. Keeping drugs off of the streets served as the main purpose of this arrest, and the police succeeded this time.

September 23, 2016

Another major drug bust happened on September 23, 2016. Heroin once again worked its way onto the streets through criminals. Boston police attempted to and eventually succeeded in finding the source of the spread of the drugs. The operation, titled “Alberto Marte Drug Trafficking Organization” worked with a batch of heroin that claimed many lives along the way. The heroin, nicknamed “Hollywood” heroin, caused casualties, but also caused the police to go on a hunt for those responsible for the spread.

Boston police’s victory in this investigation helped stop the spread of Hollywood Heroin, while also ensuring the people in Boston’s safety. Found at the crime scene were bags filled with various kinds of drugs including the heroin, drug ledgers, and more. The charges filed against the different criminals involved in the illegal operations listed as conspiracy to distribute heroin. The case served as one of the highest profile cases in Massachusetts in the past year.

Not only drug crimes exist in Massachusetts, however. There are plenty of crimes that remain prevalent across Massachusetts and the United States to this day. While most fall under specific categories, some are on a larger scale and do fit into a category, but demand their level of attention as well.

August 29, 2016

For instance, when the FBI comes in, you know it’s a major crime. On August 29, 2016, the FBI and Boston Police worked together to arrest a man that wished to assassinate Barack Obama. The criminal wanted to bomb police stations and burn down mosques. If committed, the crimes would demand national attention. Though not committed, the crime of planning and threatening such a thing remains major in its right.

The criminal spoke of wishing to “kill as many homeland security officers as he can before they can kill him.” Other reports stated the offender searched which part of the body makes people bleed the fastest.

Regardless of the criminal’s beliefs, the case stood on a large enough scale to demand the FBI’s involvement. Any crime that involves the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a major crime. When the FBI caught the criminal, they found various kinds of armor and ammunition. It seemed as if he was preparing to do what he threatened.

Luckily, a friend tipped off the FBI to the criminal’s whereabouts and plans, thus stopping the events in motion.

The prior mentioned crimes serve as a reminder that crimes happen every day. Though Massachusetts would love to outlaw crimes altogether, the reality is that is not possible. The next best thing is stopping criminals after the acts.

However, after that, the criminals have every right to find defense lawyers to plead their respective cases. The law works to give everyone a fair trial for a good reason. The crimes listed above certainly evoke less sympathy from people (and likely juries), but regardless, they serve as the most major crimes committed in Massachusetts in the past year.