Responsible Drinking, Simplified

Drinking alcohol is a great way to socialize, especially if you’re the type of person who has anxiety issues before approaching strangers in a crowded bar to engage in idol chitchat… hoping to connect with them in some way(or another). It’s been glorified in the United States to the point that it seems the only concern on everyone’s mind is how quickly they can “get wasted”, and this goes double for college students and minors who enjoy partaking in drinking games.
Much of our youth are inexperienced drinkers, and that can be incredibly dangerous for an unlimited amount of reasons. Their tolerances are practically nonexistent which makes consuming too much alcohol quite easily achieved.
Therefore, the outcome can quickly turn deadly. A fun night out with your friends could almost instantaneously switch to a nightmarish situation at the drop of a hat. Yet, there are a slew of responsible steps which can be taken to assure you’re kept as safe as humanly possible.

Responsible Strategies While Drinking Alcohol

  • Always pace yourself.
  • Never drive intoxicated.
  • DO NOT drink while you’re pregnant.
  • Already have a game plan for how you’re getting home BEFORE consuming that first drink.
  • Use wise judgement when drinking with coworkers.
  • Call Uber/a cab.
  • Figure out designated drivers early on in the festivities.
  • Try to keep adult beverages consumed at about 1-2 per hour.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat foods which are greasy and high in fat content.
  • Minimize the amount of carbonated beverages you have, as carbonation speeds up the rate in which alcohol is absorbed by the body.

An Inexpensive Breathalyzer Is Priceless

There are an unlimited number of reasons for the purchase of an affordable breathalyzer, some of which could very well save your life, or the lives of those you hold near and dear to your heart. If you still aren’t completely sold on this revolutionary product, here are 10 reasons for everyone who consumes alcohol regularly to immediately go out a buy one today.
  1. You’ll no doubt have to attended traffic school for mandatory DUI related classes, and they’re long, boring, very expensive, not to mention slightly embarrassing.
  2. It takes the question out of what your actual BAC (blood alcohol content) may be by giving you a quick and accurate reading. If you’re pushing .08%, it’s best not to risk driving. Find yourself a designated driver, and pronto.
  3. You can still receive a DUI charge even if you blow under the “legal limit” of .08%. If you’re impaired, you’re impaired, and law enforcement officials are cracking down bigtime.
  4. Everyone would prefer not to go to prison, so this one’s a no-brainer.
  5. A DUI offense will go on your record and remain there for 10 years. This can make it difficult to find a new employer if you’ve also lost your job.
  6. Keeps you from making rash decisions before driving.
  7. Gives you peace of mind in the fact you always know your BAC before making a decision to drive.
  8. Considering the alternative cost when facing a DUI offense, it’s a real bargain.
  9. It helps prevent you from injuring, or worse yet, killing yourself.
  10. Helps to protect passengers and innocent civilians.

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