The Legal Do’s and Don’ts of Recreational Marijuana in Massachusetts

Almost all residents in Massachusetts and its surrounding areas know, a law has gone into effect to allow the use of recreational marijuana. Most will ask themselves, “why did it take so long?” and some will ask “how can we allow this?”

There’s a big cloud of confusion by this law. Many believe that when this bill goes into effect, the whole state will turn into a big pot smokers free-for-all. Through all of this confusion and stressful ideas, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is, believe it or not, a great deal of regulation in this bill. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for the Massachusetts recreational marijuana law.

How Much Recreational Marijuana Can You Possess

First off, the amount of marijuana you are legally able to possess. Citizen’s are only able to possess one ounce of marijuana in its bud form (the plant form that we are all most familiar with). The state allows up to five grams of marijuana’s concentrate form to be in your possession as well. If you are not familiar with the different forms of concentrate, marijuana can be in a form of a pill, liquid, candy, paste, or many other different forms for digesting purposes. WBUR news has a great explanation on the legal possession laws.

Age Restriction

Secondly, like cigarette’s or alcohol, =here is an age restriction for the purchase, possession, and use of the recreational marijuana. You must be 21 years of age or older to use, possess, or purchase any and all forms of medical or recreational marijuana. It is also in place that there will be no retail stores able to open for business until January 2018 or later. It is also still illegal, of course, to privately sell any forms of marijuana. This regulation is set to maintain the taxation, as well as interfere with any misuses of marijuana. Marijuana can very possibly be altered or impure. When proper growing precautions are not by a professional, ingestion or use of impure marijuana can be very unsafe or deadly.

Public Use

Many of the regulations in place for Massachusetts’ new recreational marijuana laws are much like the regulations set for alcohol. You are able to possess marijuana on your person. You are not legally able, in any way, to use it in public. Much like you are not legally able to have any open containers of alcohol in public. Citizens are also able the permission to possess up to one ounce of marijuana in their car, as long as it is not in plain sight and is in an enclosed space.

Growing Marijuana

Like most states that have laws to permit the use of recreational marijuana, Massachusetts allows its citizens to grow and own their own marijuana plants. Along with this, they are making a restriction to only allow six plants per person, per household. At a maximum of twelve plants per household. All plants in the home must be in a locked container or room and must not be visible in any way to the public. Along with this, each household is able to possess up to ten ounces of marijuana harvest. This does not include the marijuana that grows on the plants while in possession of the 10 ounces.

Finishing the Bill

Currently, the state lawmakers are still creating a full drawn out plan for this new bill. So Massachusetts state residents should be expecting these regulations and given set times to change, possibly drastically. There is already talk to delay the set time for retail sales stores to be able to open for sales. The current situation with the law-makers of Massachusetts is going to create a large amount of confusion.

For state residents in search of answers and clarity, give the state government some time. All the kinks will be clear, and each part of the bill will get it’s set regulations. As you probably know, this process takes a lot of time and planning. In time, all who support this bill and what it is giving the community and state will be able to enjoy it’s benefits to the fullest.