Questions to Ask Your DUI Lawyer

There are a lot of reasons you reach out to a DUI lawyer – to help your with paperwork, to create a defense strategy for you, to help you avoid or reduce the penalties you face. But what you rely on a DUI lawyer for is to provide you with information.

After you are arrested for a DUI, you will have a lot of questions and find it very frustrating trying to find honest, accurate answers. This is where your DUI lawyer comes in. He or she is there to provide you with objective information that is tailored to your situation and intended to put your best interests first.

Top Questions to Ask Your DUI Lawyer

Start getting the important facts and details by asking the following questions:

What is My Exposure?

Exposure is a legal term that means how likely you are to be found guilty. It is based on a careful understanding of the evidence, the case law, and the judge and prosecutor involved in your case. You will want to ask this specific question to your DUI lawyer so that you do not have any assumptions or delusions about your case.

What are My Options?

In some cases, you may only have one option. In others, there might be several ways to proceed. As the client and defendant, it is ultimately up to you to sign off on whatever you do. But with the help of a DUI lawyer, you can understand the different defense strategies available to you and the relative merits of each.

What can I Do to Help Myself?

Even though your DUI lawyer will handle the complicated legal stuff, there are things you can do on your own and outside of court to help your chances. When so much is on the line, you will want to do everything possible to look out for your best interests. Ask your DUI lawyer about anything and everything you can do in the service of your defense.

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